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 Intelligent Commerce

The future of the stores is already here: DSS Technology offers you a wide variety of technological and digital products to turn your store into a smart one.  

Digital signage
Digital signage allows a new experience for the user, interacting with it and integrating into the environment of their commerce: screens with a high resolution of images and with simple and efficient software.

video wall

VideoWall systems consist of two or more bezel or bezel-less displays that are integrated into a single device, forming a kind of «digital wall». This customizes the playback mode of your images in an even more attractive format.

Electronics price tag

Digital labeling allows you to optimize the retail techniques of your retailer much more, also offering your customer the quick location of offers, promotions and prices of their products and being able to customize each of the price tags.


Both dual-screen Totems and digital kiosks have the ability to display information, products and bring interactivity to your store. With kiosks, equipped with touch screens, barcode and barcode readers, printers, etc. you can make your customers’ ordering or purchasing processes much easier.

Computer Maintenance 

DSS Tecnhology offers you all kinds of  IT services and solutions and ICT.The best computer technical assistance service, always adapted to the needs and demands of your company.


Terminals of all sizes and capacities, all with the possibility of double screen and all kinds of accessories (integrated printers, etc.). In addition, depending on the model, we offer you guarantees from 3 to 5 years.

From smartphone stCs and PDAs to tablets, each being mobile POS to adapt 100% to the needs and demands of your company at all times. (Integrated scanners, code readers, label printers, etc.)


cash control
Collection devices that allow cash control, avoiding human handling of cash.


Self-charging technology offers the customer the possibility to make their purchases directly, much faster, avoiding queues, and also capturing their curiosity and fun in the purchase process (which can generate an increase in visits). 


intelLigent commerce

Digital Signage & Electronics Label. 

 Improve communication at your point of sale by digitizing your signage with the different designs of totems, kiosks and walls and your labeling so that, in a simple and interactive way, the customer can access all the information in your store.



POS  &  Cash Control.

Make your tasks easier by energizing them with digital POS systems and cash control. Smartphones, TDAs, Tablets, and even technology to give your customers the opportunity of «autocashing».






Computer Maintenance.

 Do you want us to give you computer maintenance service too? DSS Technology also provides customer service and support services and technical support so you do not have any problems.





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